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Benedictines at Cebu (Corte/Carmen-Philippines) welcomes you to their updated website.

St. Benedict’s Monastery in the Archdiocese of Cebu is a Monastic house established by the Order of St. Benedict of Montefano in the year 1999. It is the first monastery of the Order in the island of the Philippines. St. Benedict’s Monastery was raised to the status of a Foundation in the year 2005.

The Order of St. Benedict of Montefano was founded in the year 1231 by St. Sylvester Guzzolini (1177-1267) in Italy. It is also known as the Sylvestrine Congregation OSB/Sylvestrines, after its founder. The Mother House of the Congregation is Montefano, Fabriano, Italy. The Congregation has communities in Italy, U.S.A., Australia, Sri Lanka, India and Africa. The Sylvestrine Congregation is a member of the Benedictine Confederation, which has its head office in Rome.Continue reading…


Benedictine Fr Joseph

I am happy to present to you the updated official website of the Sylvetro-Benedictine Community in Cebu.

Fr. Jospeh, Superior

These web pages are our humble means to share our life, activities and spirituality with those who would like to be in contact with us. You are most welcome to contact us through the website for your prayer needs when you are away and we heartily welcome you to visit us in the monastery personally or with your dear ones for your confessions, counselling, healing prayer and spiritual direction. We assure you our prayerful support.

Please visit us every week for the updates..

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